Deploy, manage and maintain your network like a Pro

Deploy, manage and maintain your network like a Pro

RADWIN provides a set of software tools that provide easy access to everything from radio planning, network deployment, installation and network management and maintenance.

Seamlessly plan your wireless network to secure prime coverage and capacity with RADWIN’s R-Planner. This free planning tool can be used with RADWIN’s Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint product portfolio and provides significant value when you are planning new projects or simply evaluating budgets before your network roll-out. It allows you to take into account noise-floors, giving you a more accurate idea of what performance can be expected and delivered to the end-customer.


Manage your large-scale deployment projects with the WINDeploy cloud-based platform. This platform allows you to import your installation tasks from RADWIN’s R-Planner, dispatch work orders to your field technicians and monitor deployment quality, efficiency and the real-time progress of your projects.

RADWIN’s WINDeploy platform communicates with the WINTouch App, for even more simplified and fast deployments. RADWIN’s Free WINTouch Installation App allows you to automate your installations and configuration processes to streamline end-to-end installation. With the click of a button, you can automate your subscriber unit configurations, align your antennas and verify your service quality.

Lastly, ensure greater network uptime through effective management of your network devices with the WINManage on-site, web-based management system. This management system will allow you to seamlessly perform network configurations, service provisioning, fault management and user security management.

These tools simplify end-to-end operations, guarantee service performance and reduce technician call outs and maintenance, resulting in lower operating costs to your business, giving you more time to expand and grow your network.



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