Raising the bar on affordable wireless broadband solutions

Raising the bar on affordable wireless broadband solutions

Wireless Internet Service providers (WISPs) are constantly faced with growth and capacity limitations that are brought on by interference and the inability to deliver the desired capacity to their clients.

RADWIN’s innovative JET series is the ideal solution to start addressing these network limitations, with fibre-like speeds and innovative interference mitigation and immunity technology. RADWIN enables WISP’s to deliver fibre-like speeds to the Home and Business wirelessly, saving service providers on infrastructure costs, wayleaves, and time – allowing for a fast return on investment.

The JET series sets a new standard of performance and reliability for wireless broadband. Enabled by RADWIN Bi-Directional Beamforming Technology, the JET series delivers the highest industry capacity with the longest range and unparalleled radio interference immunity. Utilising an array of antenna elements, rather than a passive sector, RADWIN’s revolutionary Bi-Directional Beamforming provides the benefit of best link performance by addressing only one subscriber unit per transmission to achieve the highest possible capacity, whilst maintaining interference immunity. Other first-to-market interference mitigation technologies include;

Built-in GPS-Sync that eliminates self-interference across the entire network and continuous non-interrupted transmission ensuring data packets arrive at their destination without hesitation regardless of on-air interference.

Forward Error Correction – ensuring the quality of communication by adding parity bits to a transmission for possible fault correction, avoiding unnecessary re-transmission, and industry-leading Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), sending the same data over multiple sub-streams at once, assuring mission-critical reliability.

JET series
JET series

To top it all off, RADWIN provides a set of software tools that assists with everything from radio planning, network deployment, installation and network management and maintenance. Seamlessly plan your wireless network to secure optimal coverage and capacity with RADWIN’s R-Planner and manage your mass deployment projects with the WINDeploy cloud-based platform. For even more simplified and fast deployments you can automate installation and configuration processes with RADWIN’s Free WINTouch Installation App. Lastly, ensure greater network uptime through effective management of your network devices with WINManage on-site, web-based management system. These tools simplify end-to-end operations, guarantee service performance and reduce technician call outs and maintenance, resulting in less operating costs to you.

RADWIN guarantees sublime performance, even in the most interference-ridden environments.

Speak to our experts about a proof of concept for your network, and see how RADWIN can change the way you deliver fibre-like capacity to your customers.

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JET series JET series JET series

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