RADWIN introduces cost-effective Point-to-Point solution

RADWIN introduces cost-effective Point-to-Point solution

The new Radwin 2000 Alpha is the latest iteration of Radwin’s 5GHz Carrier Class offering. Now at a much more cost-effective price point, you have the option to scale your connectivity needs from 200Mbps up to 350Mbps over various different distances.

The Alpha comes with an integrated 16dBi panel antenna, but is also compatible with Radwin’s TurboGain antenna that easily slides over the unit, allowing you to increase the antenna gain to 22dBi. Over and above this, you can connect any third-party parabolic dish antenna to the unit’s SMA connectors. With advanced unparalleled interference mitigation and avoidance technology, such as Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), Forward Error Correction (FEC), Advanced Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ), Automatic Channel Selection (ACS), Automatic Adaptive Rate and non-interrupted transmission, you are assured of reliable connectivity for even the most demanding of applications.

The Radwin Alpha is IP-66 rated, compact, robust and resistant to even the harshest weather environments. Combined with a cost-effective price point, scalability and reliability and Radwin’s field-proven track record, the new Radwin 2000 Alpha is the wireless radio solution of choice when facing difficult congested spectrum environments that require reliable connectivity and exceptional radio performance.

Our technical department can assist you in planning your link to your specified requirements to assure a guaranteed minimum uptime and service delivery, allowing for SLA connectivity for high-end customers; high-end video surveillance networks as well as high capacity reliable back haul applications.

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