Address underserved markets with the ultimate 2-in-1 wireless radio

Address underserved markets with the ultimate 2-in-1 wireless radio

Wireless is the ideal technology for driving broadband to the last mile in underserved areas. However, in many cases, the capital investment to deploy high capacity connectivity outweighs the number of initial clients. Which is why RADWIN has developed an affordable wireless broadband solution that meets the needs of service providers while maintaining the level of quality you would expect from RADWIN.

Compact and durable, the dual-purpose Alpha PTP radio guarantees exceptional performance at a highly competitive price and enables service providers to serve their clients without having to invest in a full-blown sectorized base station just yet.

To address these underserved areas with lower investment costs, the dual-purpose Alpha radio can serve as a stand-alone Point-to-Point link and can be repurposed as a CPE by simply swopping out your radios on the tower-side with a RADWIN JET.

Any remaining Alpha’s from previous Point-to-Point links, can then further be repurposed as subscriber units for adding new clients, saving you money, time and effort, allowing you to serve Home and Business customers with up to 500Mbps worth of aggregate capacity, per subscriber!

Contact us today for expert advice on how you can start addressing these underserved areas! Our team will assist you with the planning of the initial project, choosing the perfect solutions and equip you with the knowledge to future-proof your business with our RADWIN certified training.

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