Deliver Fibre-like wireless in 5GHz

Deliver Fibre-like wireless in 5GHz
RADWIN: “You won’t believe its Wireless.”

RADWIN has developed an affordable solution that meets the needs of wireless ISP’s in both rural and metropolitan areas. It is the ideal solution to start addressing areas that do not have access to fiber, with fiber-like speeds and latency services, at a fraction of the cost. RADWIN enables wireless ISP’s to deliver fibre-like speeds to the Home and Business wirelessly, saving service providers on infrastructure costs, wayleaves, and time, allowing for a fast return on investment.

The RADWIN JET series consists of two base stations, namely the AIR and the PRO, that are able to deliver guaranteed combined throughputs of 250Mbps and 750Mbps per base station respectively.


The JET AIR base station places quality broadband within the reach of wireless ISPs and is aimed at delivering a high capacity broadband experience to the home with capacities of up to 100Mbps.

When wireless ISP’s aim to service both home and enterprise customers, RADWIN offers the JET PRO multi-service base station to support dedicated throughput for enterprise clients demanding a high level of service. It offers Committed Information Rate (CIR) SLA-type services for Businesses as well as Best Effort Services to the Home in one Base Station.

The RADWIN JET series allows service providers to add more users, deliver more throughput and serve new markets segments with less infrastructure, whilst being able to cater for a wider variety of end customers. The small form factors of these base stations result in less wind load, smaller footprint and saving on tower rental costs, enabling service providers to do more with less infrastructure. Combined with an innovative set of software tools, called the OSS Toolkit, tedious network planning, management and deployment is reduced to a few simple clicks.


RADWIN is a leading global provider of sub-6 GHz wireless broadband solutions. RADWIN’s product portfolio includes high-capacity, carrier-class point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions that fulfil the connectivity needs of the world’s largest carriers, service providers, public and enterprises, and transportation authorities.


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