QNAP Demo Program

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With the wide range NVR’s available today it’s easy to get confused by all the various brands and features. Often times the core function of the NVR is blurred by fancy marketing campaigns and questionable unique selling points.

We believe the proof is in the pudding. Accordingly, Miro has teamed up with QNAP to offer their 2 Bay, 8 Channel NVR at a greatly reduced price in order to showcase exactly what the QNAP range of NVR’s are capable of, and why it should be the preferred choice for any surveillance installation.

By taking part in this program it allows you to fully experience the NVR’s unique features. It also allows you to gain a better understanding of the advantages of embedded NVR systems as well as train both yourself and if you are an installer, your potential customers, on the devices.

The QNAP demo program is now available to anyone that is interested in purchasing an NVR and would like to experience the awesome power of the QNAP range of NVR’s.



2.66GHz Intel Dual Core CPU
2X Hot Swappable HDD bays ( Up to 8TB )
8 Channel NVR
Linux Embedded Operating System
HDMI Video Output
180Mbps Max Network Throughput

All of this allows for up to 6X 2MP cameras, 8X 1MP cameras, or 8X VGA cameras while providing a smooth live view and playback.

For more information on these products please also read: http://blog.miro.co.za/?p=1242

Limited to one per customer, while stock lasts, be sure to get your QNAP NVR as soon as possible!

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