Siklu Optical Alignment Toolkit for 2ft. Antenna Assembly.

Alignment Scope for 2ft. ANT. Includes Case + 9x40 Scope and Extender Mount

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Product Description

The EH-ALIGN-2ft is a tool designed to simplify the alignment of EtherHaul™ links with 2ft antenna. The tool mounts on the back of an EtherHaul™ radio attached to a 2ft antenna. The user can then look for the remote site with a choice of magnification factors to zoom into the remote antenna, and pre-align the local side of the link. The user should then proceed with fine alignment, as explained in the Quick Start Guide (QSG) packed with the EtherHaul™ radio, or follow the detailed procedure in the Operation and User manual of the radio (available on Siklu’s Partners portal, portal.siklu.com, in the Tech Center / Manuals area).

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