RF elements Symmetrical Horn Carrier Class 30 degrees – GEN2

Symmetrical Horn Carrier Class 5180 - 6400 MHz, Gain 18.4 dB, 30 deg, 2 x N-Type female connectors

SKU: RF-SH-CCS30-GEN2. (Supplier Stock Code: HG3-CC-S30) Categories: , , .

Product Description

Symmetrical Hirn CC Antennas Gen2 offer unique RF performance in a compact package. Scalar horn antennas have symmetrical main beam with identical beam width in Vertical and Horizontal plane. Exceptionally small side lobes ensure remarkable interference suppression. HG3-CC Gen2 Antennas are ideal for coverage of areas with clients close to the installation site, where null zone issues exist. High density AP clusters and radio co-location is made possible due to unique radiation patterns and compact size.

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