RF elements PassivePoE™ Set V2

Injector & Slave, 10/100Mbps, 9-57V Input, 2.1mm DC Jack

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Product Description

Passive PoE Set enables you to merge the power supply and data to one ethernet cable, supply them to the devices, then split back to data and power.

Passive PoE is a simple way of providing power for an access point on the roof. Passive PoE use free wires in the Ethernet cable and sends the equipment’s power along them to the far end. Over a short distance, it’s usually possible to use the power adapter supplied as standard with the access point or with other network elements which we wish to connect along the Ethernet cable. If the loss of the voltage on the wiring along longer lengths of Ethernet cable is too high, it is possible to use another more powerful power adapter, to eliminate the loss of voltage.

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