LigoWave DLB 5Ghz PRO Base Station with 90 Degree Sector Antenna

5GHz, 180Mbps, 30dBm, 20dBi, IP67, POE Incl.

SKU: LW-DLB5P-90-20. (Supplier Stock Code: LigoDLB 5-90-20-P) Categories: , , .

Product Description

Powerful, integrated antenna base-station

The powerful hardware platform based on the QCA 9557 chipset ( 720 MHz) and 128 MBytes of RAM/Flash memory makes the LigoDLB PRO series access point an ideal solution for resource demanding installations with a high number of clients connected to a single AP. The 48V Gigabit Ethernet port (802.3af) allows you to utilize the full capacity of the base-stations.

The all-in-one design reduces the risk of cable failures and decreases the signal loss, as the radio is connected directly to the antenna. Such integration allows you to save tower space and improves the cost which helps to speed up your ROI.

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