LigoWave DLB 5Ghz, CPE with 14dBi Integrated Antenna for offset satellite dish

5GHz, 170Mbps, 29dBm, 14dBi, IP67, POE Incl.

SKU: LW-DLBECHO5. (Supplier Stock Code: DLB ECO 5) Categories: , , .

Product Description

The DLB ECHO5 was designed for cost-effective and long distance connectivity (up to 50km). It has a unique mounting system designed to utilize standard satellite offset dish antennas to provide increased system gain and distance. These antennas are readily obtainable, thereby reducing freight and inventory costs. The aluminum housing improves RF performance allowing solid communications in interference laden environments as well as providing strength against the elements.

DLB ECHO5 is a universal device that can be used in two different ways: with a 60 cm offset dish antenna provided by LigoWave or with a 3rd party offset dish antenna. The product is equipped with a high output power MIMO radio (up to 29dBm) and when coupled with LigoWave’s 27 dBi dual-polarized, 60cm, offset satellite dish antenna it is ideal for ultra long range wireless communication.

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