EnGenius Outdoor, Dual Band Concurrent, .11ac, 450+1300Mbps, 2xGB, 29dBm 6xN-type, 802.3at , IP68, MESH

Powered via 48V, POE Passthrough, IP68, MESH enabled on latest Firmware

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Product Description

The EWS860AP marks a new speed and performance breakthrough for Outdoor Wireless Managed Access Points. Wireless users with 802.11ac laptops, tablets and other devices, who need to stream HD video or transfer large files will find this powerful AC Access Point more than up to those tasks. The EWS860AP is an 802.11ac 3×3 Dual Band high-powered, long-range, Mesh-capable* Wireless Managed Outdoor Access Point with speeds up to 1300 Mbps on 5 GHz and up to 450 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band that functions as part of an EnGenius Neutron Series Wireless Management solution or as a stand-alone Access Point. It can be configured as an Access Point, Mesh (on 2.4 GHz), or WDS (AP, Station, & Bridge) for customized deployment scenarios. The EWS860AP is designed to operate in a variety of outdoor environments and demanding business applications, making its high-powered, long-range characteristics a cost-effective alternative to ordinary Access Points that don’t have the range and reach to connect to a growing number of wireless users who wish to connect to an outdoor network.

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