Digium 4 Port FXO Module (800 & 2400)

For Digium TDM Card (800 & 2400)

SKU: DI-QFXO-MOD. (Supplier Stock Code: 1X400MF) Categories: , , .

Product Description


  • Customise config of TDM24xx Card
  • Modular Design
  • Quad FXO Port

The DI-QFXO-MOD module allows the TDM800P card or TDM2400P card to terminate four analog telephone lines (POTS) per module. Because of the modular design, a user can activate additional ports at any time with more DI-QFXO-MOD or DI-QFXS-MOD daughter cards. The DI-QFXO-MOD module passes all the call features any standard analog telephone line will support.

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