Offer fibre connectivity, without fibre.

Offer fibre connectivity, without fibre.

The IgniteNet MetroLinq 10G Tri-Band Omni has made the provision of a complete, cost-effective, high-capacity, last-mile, fibre-like solution a reality, without the many concerns and costs which are associated with rolling out fibre.

In a highly competitive market, where the necessity to keep up to date with ever-changing technologies is imperative, service providers often find themselves searching for solutions to stay ahead and remain relevant. When considering a fibre deployment, the main concerns include the vast expenditure required, the extensive labour needed for deployment, local regulatory restrictions, as well as the obvious risks associated with these former mentioned concerns.

The gaining popularity and demand for fibre is only increasing, now with the IgniteNet MetroLinq 10G Tri-Band Omni, a more cost-effective solution to the concerns which exist around fibre deployments has become a reality. The Omni is able to connect multiple clients and deliver fibre-like speeds, at a fraction of the time and cost associated with fibre deployments.

The IgniteNet’s MetroLinq 10G Tri-Band Omni is the world’s first cost-effective integrated 60 GHz, 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz PtMP solution. Across multiple frequencies, the Tri-Band Omni base station enables high-performance, interference-free connections of up to 10 Gbps; providing fibre-like connections to a number of clients simultaneously.


The below graphic visually explains a deployment example of the Tri-Band Omni being used across the various dedicated frequencies in the given distances:

IgniteNet Graphic-01


The IgniteNet MetroLinq Tri-Band Omni enables for the delivery of the same level of wireless using various frequencies; by separating users into different frequencies, the Omni is able to deliver seamless connectivity throughput to each user over distances of 1 km+. First and foremost, the closest clients, will benefit from zero-interference gigabit connections, on the 60GHz mm-wave band. The Omni’s 5 GHz radio, also with 360° coverage, can be used as either a failover for 60 GHz clients, for 5 GHz fixed wireless broadband clients, or for close-range Wi-Fi clients. The additional offering of the Omni, a 2.4GHz radio with 360° coverage, can be dedicated for hotspot access for Wi-Fi clients or be used as last-mile alternative, for farther outbound clients – all this, built into a single, compact outdoor unit.

Common applications for the Omni include urban deployments connecting multiple dwelling units, multi-gigabit connectivity to rural areas, Wi-Fi hotspot backhaul and access, security network backhaul, traffic control backhaul and mobile backhaul. IgniteNet’s MetroLinq 10G Tri-Band Omni also has a 10 Gbps SFP+ port which allows full-speed backhaul of the ultra-fast tri-band radios, as well as a secondary 1 Gbps Ethernet port with PoE that can be used for out of band management or for the connectivity of additional devices, such as IP surveillance cameras.

“The Omni provides users with access to fibre-like connectivity speeds at an attractive price,” says Ted de Boer, product manager for the IgniteNet range at MiRO distribution. “It is ideal for connecting multiple buildings that do not have direct access to fibre but need to leverage the Gigabit connection speeds associated with fibre. Since there are no infrastructure costs involved, deployment is extremely affordable.”


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