NUUO’s Retail Solution V2.0 will make your business safer and more profitable!

NUUO’s Retail Solution V2.0 will make your business safer and more profitable!



NUUO’s latest Retail Solution combined their robust IVS solution with their highly intelligent point-of-sales (POS) Solution to create one of the most impressive surveillance software for the retail environment. The Retail Solution helps to protect your company from internal and external threats. By simply integrating the NUUO Retail Solution into your existing surveillance system you could instantly begin saving your company valuable resources.




Let’s take a closer look at the POS Solution

The retail industry companies rely on their point-of-sale (POS) personnel to act as their representatives, provide excellent service and protect the interests of the company by preventing in-store theft. Unfortunately, companies also open themselves up to a loss in revenue from these very same employees through various POS frauds and theft. This, sadly, is common in all sectors of the retail industry and companies have tried to budget for the loss of revenue by adding a percentage to product prices. The problem with this is that companies are losing competitive edge by increasing product prices and employees that do commit POS fraud, or theft, feel free to commit the crime over and over until they are eventually caught red handed.


Catching employees in the act has spawned an entirely new range of technology solutions, such as NUUO’s POS Solution. The NUUO POS Solution combines surveillance video with transaction data from Point of Sale (POS) and ATM. All scanned items can be displayed on live view, playback and used to trigger user-defined alarms. For example, NUUO POS solution sends an alarm to alert the manager when a transaction is voided. The system will store all the transactions and special events in a secured, keyword-searchable database with a video attached for easy review.


NUUO’s POS solution allows the manager to instantly playback a transaction or, search a specific video months after a transaction. This helps to reduce the hidden shrink from employee theft, sweet-hearting, and other POS frauds. The NUUO surveillance system and POS solution protects your properties and makes your business more profitable.


 Other advantages of using NUUO POS solution include:

  • Fully compatible and scalable with NUUO Mainconsole family (NVR, DVR and Hybrid systems) and CMS for single site or chained operation.
  • Display POS data from multiple locations.
  • 4 pre-defined POS events such as cash drawer open and register disconnect.
  • 10 user-defined POS alarms allowing customization such as text match, value comparison and rate of occurrence, etc.
  • Up to 10 instant responses for each POS event.
  • Record transaction data with surveillance video
  • Keyword search to filter out suspicious transactions across multiple register database.




Now let’s take a closer look at the IVS Solution

NUUO offers a robust, feature rich IVS solution package that is simple to set up and cost effective.  NUUO IVS solution supports a variety of cameras, both IP and analog, and is also compatible with NUUO Mainconsole. With the most important business impacting features in mind, NUUO packed features that will lower false alarms and raise detection accuracy. It even features self-learning algorithm for maximum adaptability to environmental changes such as ignores the swaying trees in the field of view. NUUO IVS engine can track, classify and analyze the behaviour of an individual or group of objects over a long distance to greatly improve parameter security and monitoring efficiency.


With an IVS in place, false alarms is no longer an issue for security guards and operators. High detection accuracy means high work efficiency. Operators will not waste their time on handling countless false alarms.


NUUO IVS can turn boring surveillance video footage into valuable data. The presence of a camera not only brings the promise of security, but it can also be an invaluable business tool. Some useful quantitative IVS functions can make an immediate business impact such as people and vehicle counting. The application of IVS for business is limitless.


Other advantages of using NUUO IVS solution include:

  • Precise recognition
  • Easy to set up
  • Server-side analytics
  • Compatible with IP cameras and analog cameras
  • IVS licenses can be transferred to any other NUUO Mainconsole server
  • Record on IVS (NUUO system will not record until IVS is triggered. The most efficient way to save storage cost)
  • Boosting Record (Save storage cost, but not sacrifice the benefit of megapixel cameras! The most efficient solution to the around-the-clock recording schedule)
  • Multiple instant event responses (such as push notification, pop-up emap, send email with event snapshot, display on screen…etc)
  • Intelligent event searches with video
  • Formatted Spreadsheet Reports
  • Send IVS Counting report automatically


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