New Wireless Acconet Accessories



Miro has just received stock of two new accessories for the wireless industry. First up is the KB-LB-HD heavy-duty L bracket. Miros grid & dish antennas come standard with these L brackets. However we now sell these brackets separately and they can used to upgrade existing antennas or as replacement brackets should the original brackets have been lost.

KB-LB-HD                 Heavy-duty L Bracket with U-Bolts for Grids & Dishes



Next we have a new 90 degree Acconet jack. This jack is ideally used for Ubiquiti Bullet & MikroTik Groove installations where these radios should be installed vertically in order to prevent water damage. With LMR400 cable the maximum bend radius is 50mm. These jacks are also useful in situations where the RF cable runs are difficult to reach.

JACK-NM-NF90                            Acconet 90 Degree Jack, N(M) – N(F)


Excerpt of the MikroTik Groove Quick Installation Guide:

The Groove is to be mounted vertically, so that the Ethernet cable points downwards.
If you wish to tighten the Groove to a pole, you can do it with the provided mounting loops. The Groove comes bundled with
two mounting loops – guide the loops around the Groove though the provided edge markings, and around the pole where it
will be mounted. You should avoid connecting a loose Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port, secure the cable to a wall or the
pole, so that the cable weight is not pulling the port. It is recommended to secure the Ethernet cable less than 2m from the
Groove device. This is to ensure that the cable doesn’t damage the port by it’s weight, or doesn’t fall out.

Incorrect Installation:



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