New Toys from Edimax!

Looking for a cost effective gigabit desktop switch?

The new Edimax range offers simplicity with a green overlay. Yes they require a 5v power supply which means…..they can be USB powered too!!! And guess what? They are supplied with the power supply and the USB cable. Now all you need is an extra usb port to add 5 or 8 GIGABIT ports to your network.

ED-ES5500GV3                                                             ED-ES5800GV3




Run your laptop at 802.11AC with a next generation nano usb adapter, the 7811UTC is a dual band usb nano adapter which is compatible with 802.11AC standards. It also looks freaking cool!!!!!!! Perfect partner for our Edimax AC router, the ED-BR6478AC


nano usb


nano usbn in hand


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