New RapidFire Firmware Upgrade from LigoWave

New RapidFire Firmware Upgrade from LigoWave, v7.53-2, for LigoPTP RapidFire 4/5, promises improved link stability and performance!



What’s new in LigoPTP RapidFire 7.53-2 firmware service release?


  • Added Idle/Active operation states, which balance between low latency and high throughput



  • Improved link stability and performance in low temperature environment
  • Applied DFS FCC waveform tuning



  • Fixed GUI issues when CT country configured with more than 31 dBm gain
  • Fixed TX leakage in DFS channels



LigoWave urges consumers to upgrade to v7.53-2 and recommend doing the firmware upgrade twice to keep the active and backup images the same.


Download the firmware here (copy and paste the following URL):


Read release notes here


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