New Product Update: Buffalo’s concurrent dual band router BU-WHR-600D

Many fans of the Buffalo BU-WHR-300HP2 may be disappointed due to it being discontinued but we have a new soldier to replace it and this time its DUAL BAND!!!!! yes yes the 600D can broadcast on 2 frequencies at the same time…..2.4ghz and 5.8ghz at 300mbps yes its NOT Nlite. A premium solution for high traffic networks whether it be due to multiple files being thrown around or multiple users trying to stream the latest Robocop preview (im a fan clearly), this little router will be able to handle it all.

buffalo 600D




Remember I mentioned premium….3 YEAR WARRANTY….thats the confidence Buffalo hold in their routers. Protect your network using the wireless encryption and ward off threats from the internet using the NAT/SPI features. The VPN passthrough feature will allow you to dial into any remote network through your router without any hassle.




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