New Product: Simplified GSM-RELAY in stock!!!!!

2 inputs (you will be sms’ed immediately upon any changes, perfect for alarm applications)

1 Relay (power cycle equipment on a tower or open/close any circuit remotely)

12-28V DC power input

2 separate numbers can be updated on input, relay and voltage input changes

Setup in 5 MINS!!!!!!

GSM Relay user manual

Relay front

relay back

GSM sms

The GSM Relay is a GSM based controllable module from your cell phone with Two (2) inputs and one (1) Relay

output. The main idea for the unit was to reset Router boards on a wireless network which became inaccessible

through the wireless Network however it can be used for lots of different applications, control any electrical

equipment, monitor the voltage of your battery backups, alarm system etc.

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