Which Network OS to use for Fabric network topologies?

Which Network OS to use for Fabric network topologies?

Before we get down to the business of revealing which Network OS is best suited for Fabric network topologies, let’s touch base on what is a Fabric Network.

Fabric networking is the basic topology of how a network is laid out and connected to switch traffic on a data or circuit-switched network.

The switch fabric concept, in which many connections are made in a matrix, has a long history in communications, dating back to the circuit-switched voice telephone days, when connections were switched by humans operating a switchboard. The term “fabric” comes from the criss-cross nature of a networking fabric, which is often visualized as a checkerboard of connections, like this:

Fabric Network Image

Big Cloud Fabric – the Next-generation Data Center Switching Solution for Edgecore switches.

Big Cloud Fabric™ is the next-generation datacenter switching fabric that leverages software-defined networking (SDN) to make networks intelligent, agile and flexible.

Intelligence stems from its software-defined fabric acting as “one logical switch” that simplifies operations and provides full visibility & telemetry.

Agility is delivered via network automation for rapid deployment of applications and services, one-click troubleshooting for faster resolution, and zero touch upgrades.

Flexibility is provided by Big Cloud Fabric’s (BCF) scale-out fabric to accommodate future growth in high network traffic without breaking the bank. Leveraging its ability to run on open hardware, BCF provides network OS for Edgecore high capacity switches.

Built using Edgecore bare metal switches and SDN controller technology, BCF is designed to deliver innovation velocity under flat budgets.

Big Cloud Fabric is relevant for use cases that involve:

What does an innovative next-generation data center network look like?

  • Imaginea next generation DC network that operates at the speed of virtualization.
  • Imaginea network that auto configures when a new switch element is added or removed.
  • Imaginefabric upgrades within minutes without paying routing convergence tax.
  • Imaginenailing a network issue in a couple of clicks rather than hunting from box to box.
  • Using hyperscale-inspired networking principles,software controls and spine fabric based on open networking hardware, the next generation Data Centre network stands to be an exceptional player in a software-defined data center of any size.


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