Which network OS is best for Network Security?

Which network OS is best for Network Security?

In order to protect the revenue and reputation of both a brand name and its customers, it is critical for any business to protect the reliability and integrity of their network and data. Deploying prudent security policies and practices can help prevent threats from entering and compromising your network, and thus protect your business from disruption or attack.

One of the key pieces to your security procedures is ensuring that your open source operating system, applications, and tools are properly configured and secured. Many networking products come with standard security features, but they lack the flexibility and accessibility to optimize your security features based on your organizational needs. In contrast, Cumulus Linux offers endless security options and resources.

As the leaders in Open Networking, Cumulus Networks offers unique insight into how to best protect your network. This article will provide the security aspects of Cumulus Linux and recommend the best practices for securely setting up, configuring, operating, and monitoring an Edgecore switch running Cumulus Linux.

Security is inherent in Cumulus Linux. Many security features are enabled by default, and Cumulus Networks provides others as recommendations and best practices.


Switches running Cumulus Linux provide standard networking functions such as bridging, routing, VLANs, MLAGs, IPv4/IPv6, OSPF/BGP, access control, VRF, and VxLAN overlays. You can use Edgecore switches with Cumulus Linux the same way you would use a switch from a traditional supplier.


Cumulus Linux embodies native Linux networking. Supercharged versions of the kernel and other networking related packages encompass the latest industry thinking in networking while retaining compatibility with the full range of software available in Debian. Your favourite tools for networking and operations are an `apt-get` away; networking can easily fit into your operational framework for configuration management, authentication, monitoring, logging, and automation.


From OpenSSH to authentication, Cumulus Linux keeps your switches secure by offering both standard and unique security features.


In true Linux fashion, Cumulus Linux supports a broad ecosystem of global hardware partners giving you unprecedented access to cables, optics, silicon, and systems.


Cumulus Linux has a comprehensive white paper that will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the security aspects of Cumulus Linux and recommended best practices for the following:

  • Securing the Administrative Interfaces
  • System Imaging and Initial Configuration
  • Secure User Access Methods
  • Setting Up Accounts and Authentication
  • Installing New Packages and Services
  • Filtering and Protecting the Control Plane
  • Secure Routing Methods


Download the Cumulus Linux white paper to learn more


Available at MiRO:

Cumulus Linux Perpetual 10G license, 1 Year.

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