Easily power your high site equipment directly from a battery backup or solar system

Easily power your high site equipment directly from a battery backup or solar system

Powering networking devices and surveillance equipment located at outlaying high sites is one of the main challenges WISP’s face. Powering your equipment during load shedding is one problem, but in many scenarios there is no grid power close to the site and a permanent solar and battery solution becomes the only option.

Building high site power solutions require precise calculations to ensure reliability and uptime. It is important to make sure you have enough energy to power all your devices as well as store enough electricity to keep devices powered at night or during rainy days.

Fortunately, we found the solution in Netonix’ DC powered POE switches. Netonix can cut the costs of DC Powered sites while also making lengthy power calculations a thing of the past.

Netonix switches are powered directly from your DC power source. What really sets the Netonix DC switch range apart from traditional switches is the massive input range, from as low as 9VDC up to 72VDC in some models. From here the switches are able to provide POE output to devices, either 24VDC or 48VDC, on either two pairs of copper or four pairs for the more power hungry devices, stepping up or stepping down power output, as required per each individual port.

This means you can easily power PTP or PTMP wireless radios such as Ubiquiti AirMAX, Cambium ePMP, Radwin, MikroTik and Ligowave with 24VDC or 48VDC POE output on 2 pairs of Ethernet cabling. It also powers radios such as Ubiquiti AirFiber, SIAE Microwave and Siklu E-Band solutions, requiring 24VDC or 48VDC, but on all 4 pairs of Ethernet copper wiring.

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About Netonix

Netonix designs, manufacturers, and distributes high-performance networking equipment specifically designed for the WISP industry. Their equipment design focuses mainly on being highly rugged, advanced and easily deployable to appeal to a fast-growing global WISP industry.

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