What you need to know about e-band backhaul

What you need to know about e-band backhaul

The demand for cost-effective, high capacity connectivity is constantly on the rise. Both service providers and enterprises are looking for affordable, reliable solutions that are quick and easy to deploy. E-band wireless systems operate in the 70 to 80 GHz frequency band, offering the most compelling alternative to fibre, with a number of advantages compared to other competing high-capacity wireless technologies. These advantages include high capacity, wide channels, massive throughput, low license cost and no interference. However when it comes to E-band and deploying backhaul links on E-band one must take a few things into account:

  • Distance – The importance of link planning

To prevent Flat fading, due to rain, Siklu advises link planning at all times, before deciding to roll-out a link. Siklu’s Link Budget Calculator uses the last 50 years’ worth of rain-statistics from all over the world, to allow for highly accurate predictions. Should your link plan not allow for enough availability, because of the distance, for example, you can use the Siklu 2500FX with a second microwave link at a lower frequency as a failover. Siklu calls this “ExtendMM“.

With ExtendMM technology, you can reach distances of up to 15-20km, and still have 99.999% availability.

  • Mounting – Every millimetre counts

Another good practice is to always mount a Siklu radio as low as possible on a tower mast or preferably even on a rigid structure if allowed. This is because higher lattice masts, especially those who aren’t guyed, can be affected by a slight sway, which can cause a millimetre wave E-band link to lose signal. Over and above the aforementioned sway, which can be negated by using proper guy ropes, towers can also be subject to vertical twisting and torsion that can affect your link’s alignment and make it fail entirely. The more rigid your mounting surface is, the better.

  • Alignment – The importance of a scope kit

For alignment purposes, one can easily use a voltmeter to do an RSSI readout and make sure it aligns with the RSSI predicted by your link plan. Should you have a link that is much further than the eye can see, you can make use of the Siklu Scope Kit, which is a bracket and Optical Scope that comes in a handy carrying case, available to order from MiRO.

Siklu Aligment scope

Siklu EH-Align 2ft (002)

  • Certified Technicians – Make sure you are up to date with the latest techniques

It is crucial to make sure your technicians are up to date with the latest installation techniques and best practises. Register on the Siklu Partner Portal for a full e-learning course that is free of charge. On completion, your technicians will receive an EtherHaul certification certificate.

  • Licencing regulations

ICASA has made the very affordable PtP spectrum (E-Band) available on a self-registration basis. Click here for more guidelines and procedures regarding the radio spectrum application.


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