Need assistance in selecting the right MikroTik wireless product for your application?

To help you choose the best product for your needs, we have created a selection guide based on the theoretical distance each product can achieve at its maximum and minimum data rate.


The MikroTik Selection Guide

The two tables below display the maximum distance you can achieve with each device depending on whether your priority is absolute distance or maximum data rate. Since there are too many possible combinations of MikroTik’s different products, we have only provided two scenarios – links between two of the same devices, and links between their CPE devices and the mANTbox19s sector AP.


The distances are based on the product specifications and are calculated with industry standard link calculator methods (i.e. not measured by actual tests as interference, weather and alignment will affect your real life results).


Need help interpreting the graphs?

  • The white dot shows the maximum distance that can be achieved while still providing the maximum 802.11ac data rate
  • The red dot shows the maximum distance that can be achieved while still providing maximum 802.11n data rate
  • The red bar shows the approximate maximum distance while at a signal of -70, which is still acceptable, but the data rate significantly start to drop as the distance increases.

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 You can download these graphs here:



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