The ultimate VoIP connectivity solution in a single box

The ultimate VoIP connectivity solution in a single box

When building a connectivity solution specifically dedicated to VoIP telephony, one requires a number of features, which usually require a number of different devices to achieve. Rather than combing a multitude of devices from various manufacturers, the Teltonika RUT240 and RUT 950 allow you to combine all these functionalities in one robust device.

These cost-effective industrial LTE routers deliver high performance, ensure easy network management and allows for a number of built-in functions, such as routing, firewalling, remote monitoring and management with a variety of protocols, like TR069, SNMP, SMS, as well as via the RMS (RMS licences can now be purchased individually, per device). You can also create a secure VPN with the built-in features for added security and it all comes in one easy to set up highly reliable device.

The RUT240 offers a single SIM for redundant connectivity, should the main fibre, ADSL or wireless connection fail the router will switch over to the SIM. This feature compliments Teltonika’s promise of always-on connectivity. Additionally, the device comes in an extremely compact form factor, allowing for easy, unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing installation. The RUT950 also offers additional dual SIM functionality which allows users to use two SIM cards; should one carrier fail there is a secondary one to maintain connectivity, over and above the main WAN connection which could be fibre, ADSL or wireless, giving you additional redundancy and configuration options.

Further essential features contribute to making it the ideal solution for VoIP applications. These features include not only the above-mentioned fail-over capabilities, but also VoIP Pass-through Support, packet prioritisation via extensive Quality of Service (QoS) options, giving priority to VoIP packets, and a fully featured firewall with high-end DDoS and SSH Attack Prevention.

These compact yet powerful routers eliminate the need for a multitude of devices to perform all of the above-mentioned functionality, making it the ultimate solution in a box for small and large applications.


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