MiRO to showcase their wireless-fibre hybrid solution at the FTTX Council Conference 2018

MiRO to showcase their wireless-fibre hybrid solution at the FTTX Council Conference 2018

Join us at the 2018 FTTX Council Conference in Durban, 10-12 September, as we, amongst other industry experts, unveil the latest developments in fibre solution technology.


South Africa’s core fibre infrastructure has been developed for many years, however, last-mile fibre connectivity is still at a minimum, with less than 300 000 fibre-to-the-home connections across South Africa, according to a recent report released by ICASA. This presents a massive opportunity for our industry to succeed in our combined mission to provide the nation with high-speed internet connectivity.

The 2018 FTTX Council Conference, held in Durban from 10-12 September, will focus on the latest developments in the fibre industry, while educating industry stakeholders on why and how high-speed fibre connectivity can be successfully delivered to communities in the coming years.

One of our expert Product Managers, Ryan Dunford, who will be in attendance, believes that, “visiting MiRO at the FTTX Conference will give you a better understanding of what is needed in order for you, as a company, to acquire high-speed internet connectivity, or you as a service provider, to introduce fibre and fibre-like wireless technology into your portfolio.” He elaborates that, “we will be able to talk about customizable solutions, last-mile internet connectivity, and our training, which adds value by giving you the opportunity to become experts in the industry.”

We will be showcasing high-capacity wireless backhaul links feeding into last-mile fibre connectivity, or into license-free, high-capacity 60GHz Point-to-Multipoint solutions. These solutions comprise of our BDCOM passive-and active fibre products, our carrier-grade E-band solution from Siklu as well as our cost-effective high-capacity fibre-like wireless products from IgniteNet.

Attendance to the 2018 conference is free, however, registration is a requirement. Don’t miss out on learning all about the latest developments in the fibre industry, click here to register!

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