MiRO demonstrates converged communications at iWeek

Lauded as the premier forum for South Africa’s Internet industry, iWeek brings together South Africa’s major Internet organisations for a series of presentations, panel discussions, workshops, training sessions and social events. Taking place between 19 and 23 September in Johannesburg, iWeek topics include Communications/Internet policy and regulation in South Africa, trends in fixed line and wireless Internet services, global Internet governance developments and other Internet industry trends.


An active participant at the iWeek event since 2007, MiRO will once again showcase its extensive range of wireless IP convergence products. In addition to securing an exhibition area at iWeek, MiRO will once again be a Bronze sponsor at the event.


“We play a big role in the wireless networking space as a leading ICT distributor of high-quality technologies from a variety of global suppliers. Our product offering, which will be showcased onsite by our knowledgeable product management team, includes fixed wireless broadband products from Cambium’s ePMP line, Grandstream’s VoIP products, BDCOM’s fibre-to-the-home technologies, networking technology from Edimax and last-mile Wi-Fi connectivity from EnGenius,” says Marco de Ru, CTO at MiRO.


MiRO has entered into partnership with BDCOM technologies, a provider of highly scalable passive optical fibre networking equipment, specifically EPON, to bring fibre and Ethernet together in a complete end-to-end point-to-multipoint solution. This will ensure that service providers have access to the necessary equipment to enable them to roll out fibre-to-the-home and fibre-to-the-business deployments with a very attractive return on investment.


MiRO’s emphasis goes well beyond the supply of boxed products. “We focus on providing a holistic, customised solution that encompasses pre- and post-sales support, technical planning and training. Anybody can deliver a product that performs a specific function but if the user is not given the necessary tools to leverage the technology, it is worth no more than the box it is delivered in. Training forms an integral component of our services by educating installers and service providers on the technologies, how to use them effectively as well as the available opportunities in the industry,” De Ru points out.


“We have been a leading player in this field for some time and we are constantly researching new technologies and bringing them to market in order to increase connectivity and convergence for our customers,” De Ru concludes.



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