Trust MiRO and BDCOM to help your business thrive

Trust MiRO and BDCOM to help your business thrive

For many years’ ISPs have fallen short on their fibre deployments due to insurmountable material costs on active fibre equipment, civil groundwork and managing risk with the ever-increasing materials needed in order to manage, maintain and grow a fibre network. Big industry giants took over and smaller ISPs were made to pull back from large fibre deployments because they didn’t have the infrastructure or cash flow necessary to put their hands up. In stepped BDCOM. A brand for the ISP, a brand whose sole focus was to introduce lost-cost, high-performance equipment, to be used as widely as the education sector and to a further extent the defence system. BDCOM knew that the market was in need of an alternative to the mainstream, an alternative that provides that same great quality as a product that cost 10x as much, a product the ISP could rely on.

BDCOM is identified as a leader in networking and communication technologies. Up to now, BDCOM’s switches, xPON products, routers and network security devices have been widely applied and implemented through their global footprint of over 4 continents. In order to provide customers with high-quality products, BDCOM believes in building long-lasting relationships with their distributors who intern listen to the needs of their customers, so that in unison, both distributor and supplier can ensure high-quality products reach the market. BDCOM invests more than 15% of its turnover into its (RnD) Research and Development every year and has built an advanced reliability testing lab and a product assessment process, to ensure that the products they produce meet international quality and compliance standards.

MiRO and BDCOM have partnered to connect communities and through their diversified portfolio, have expanded past xPON into core networking and POE switches. Now, BDCOM isn’t the new kid on the block, nor have they been in the neighbourhood for too long, but they have made their name by taking on the best. Now, with all this said and done, here are more reasons WHY BDCOM:

  • For over 20 years they have been providing solutions and components, all over the world. They have gone for bids against some of the biggest names in ICT and have prevailed.
  • Since their inception, BDCOM has been offering diversified product lines. Apart from xPON, they have a full range of 10G fibre switches, 10/100 and gigabit POE switches and of course SOHO routers.
  • A large part of their budget gets put into R&D, which allows them to stay competitively ahead of their opponents because they focus on market trends and on the consumer.
  • BDCOM is proud to offer support in over 32 different service centres located around the world so that they can keep connected with their customers
  • Being an OEM manufacturer allows for some space when it comes to innovation, if they find there is a need for a particular hardware device, they will build it because they can.
  • Having a low RMA return rate means the manufacturer is reliable, that once the hardware is up, it stays up. This is why we introduced the BDCOM Lifetime Warranty feature on all their switches.
  • Having customizable solutions and open-access hardware allows for the manufacturer to appeal to more customers because their devices will openly integrate with existing solutions and networks.

Fibre switches:

BDCOM’s S3700 and S5800 series of fibre switches are the optimal solutions for delivering great scalability and handling data traffic, coupled with reliable performance. These switches are ideal for service providers looking to increase the capacity of their networks.

PoE switches:

BDCOM’s range of PoE switches offers flexibility, reliability and is cost effective. These PoE switches are mainly used with IP cameras, VoIP phones and wireless access points. View our range of BDCOM PoE switches here.

SOHO routers:

The WAP2100-WG300 is a wireless home router designed by BDCOM for SOHO applications. The device is rich in features, cost-effective and with its easy-to-use interface, makes the BDCOM WAP2100-WG300 the perfect choice for any and all home application involving speeds of up to 300Mbps.

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