Looking to spend weeks trenching for fibre? Then Mimosa is NOT for you!

Looking to spend weeks trenching for fibre? Then Mimosa is NOT for you!

Mimosa Networks and their industry-leading approach to hybrid-fibre-wireless networks are enabling service providers like you, to connect those hard-to-reach areas. Their wireless broadband solutions help you extend your coverage and improve your services to your customers at a fraction of the cost of existing fibre-to-the-premises solutions.

Mimosa’s A5c access points deliver the highest possible scale for any unlicensed or licenced fixed wireless network. With client speeds capable of up to 500Mbps+, and access point capacity up to 1.5Gbps you can now deliver the speeds that your customers desire, without labour intensive trenching and installation.

Maximise your coverage and capacity even further by combining your A5c access point with Mimosa’s powerful antennas. Mimosa’s A5c combined with the N5-45×4 antenna will help you achieve higher bandwidth over long distances.

For short-distance applications, Mimosa has perfected the MicroPOP solution, built for dense urban and suburban neighbourhoods. The MicroPOP, fibre-like speed solution targets 250-500Mbps speeds and can easily handle deployments to homes within 500m. It is powerful enough to outperform DSL, Cable and Fibre services-all at a competitive price, making it the perfect solution to bridge the gap where fibre can’t go!

Whether you are looking at deploying fixed wireless broadband services over long or short distances, Mimosa has a solution for you. Contact our team of experts for advice on how you can give your customer the high-speed broadband they crave – quickly and affordably.

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