Extend your copper Ethernet network by up to 1500m

Extend your copper Ethernet network by up to 1500m

MikroTik’s Gigabit Passive Ethernet Repeater (GPeR) is the ideal solution for extending your Ethernet cable. This solution is ideal for high-rise office buildings or apartment buildings where very long copper Ethernet cable runs might be required.

MikroTik’s GPeR enables you to extend your Ethernet cable by up to 1 500m depending on the distance between your network devices, the number of repeaters and the quality of your Ethernet cables. The maximum length of CAT6 Ethernet cable run between the MikroTik GPeR and a standard PoE network switch or router is 100 m. The maximum distance of a CAT6 Ethernet cable run between two MikroTik GPeR devices is 210m. Higher quality cables will allow for longer distances, click here to view our range of Ethernet cables.

MikroTik Repeater


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