Use your home’s electrical circuitry to extend your IP network in seconds.

Use your home’s electrical circuitry to extend your IP network in seconds.

Boost your Wi-Fi coverage with MikroTik’s power line access point

MikroTik’s power-line access point is a small WiFi access point, made as an accessory for your existing network, but utilising your existing electrical circuitry in your house, allowing your network to reach places where your signal or your network cable are unable to reach. Simply use the power line access point to extend your Wi-Fi coverage across your house or office, eliminating the need to run a cable to areas of your office or house with poor signal.


MikroTik’s PWR-LINE AP has a single Ethernet port, a built-in 802.11b/g/n WiFi Access Point and integrated PWR-LINE support. You can install up to eight power-line devices to extend your network.

Since the access point runs on the same operating system as all other MikroTik solutions, it opens up a wide array of functions, all made possible with the extensive features found in RouterOS. You have the option to use the default configuration, allowing hassle-free and quick installation, or dive into the rich configuration options, set firewall, usage limitations, make virtual access points for guests and more.

You can even manage multiple power line access point devices with the CAPsMAN access point manager feature, which can be run on your main MikroTik router.

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