Manage up to 1000 cameras with Uniview’s Unicorn

Manage up to 1000 cameras with Uniview’s Unicorn

Security has become an obvious concern worldwide and with this comes a lot of headaches when deciding on the right solution in order to protect what is near and dear to you. Often a variety of different devices are required to provide a complete solution. But, with Uniview’s new UNICORN, spending hours or even days planning a comprehensive security solution is a thing of the past.

Introducing Uniview’s UNICORN – a smart integrated surveillance and security platform with Video input, storage, video transfer capability and device management functions designed specifically for digital video surveillance and alarm monitoring applications.

The Unicorn has adopted audio/video compression and decompression, storage, network functionality, and smart technologies and it is suitable for security and surveillance scenarios such as large residential areas, buildings, campuses, hotels, shopping centers, etc.

Built on a Linux OS, dual-BIOS platform with redundant power and optional two-server hot standby, the UNICORN provides you with a multitude of security functionality options, like unified management of the NVR, an alarm control panel and even door access control so you can monitor and control alarms and access to a premises from the cloud or from one central location.

Not only does the UNICORN cater for monitoring and recording of UNV cameras but it also supports 3rd party cameras thanks to its ONVIF compliance. It can manage and monitor up to 2000 high-definition video streams with its powerful processing capabilities. The unit also boasts with 1 x RS-232 and 1 x RS-485 port for connecting a joystick to control high-end PTZ or speed dome cameras.

The integrated 2 x HDMI and 1 x VGA port allows for multiple screens to be connected for viewing cameras and the 24 x alarm inputs and 8 x alarm outputs means devices like passive IR’s, smoke detectors and strobe lights can be connected to the NVR directly.

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