Enhance your LTE network uptime and stability

Enhance your LTE network uptime and stability

When using a single LTE connection, fluctuations in the performance of the LTE network are unavoidable. However, the overall connectivity can be improved by adding additional SIM cards, allowing for redundancy and failover between networks. Therefore eliminating the Achilles heel of wireless connectivity – unpredictability.

Teltonika’s high-performance RUT 950 and RUT 955 routers are equipped with a Dual-SIM functionality, allowing you to insert two sim cards into your Teltonika router. This feature will ensure network availability in the event of a single network failure or where a specific service provider’s network coverage might be limited during mission-critical deployments.

The Dual-SIM functionality makes these Teltonika Routers the ideal solutions for the transport industry. Teltonika’s RUT 950 and RUT 955 routers enable you to directly transmit data from your truck, bus or taxi on-the-go, without having the vehicle go back to your central office or fleet parking. This feature significantly reduces costs and empowers transport companies to be more flexible and efficient.  Dual-SIM connectivity is especially helpful when travelling across border and your national ISP doesn’t have coverage in the neighbouring country.

Not only does this functionality enable cross border connectivity, but it also serves as an added security measure, by allowing you to connect and remotely view your onboard CCTV cameras, for example.

Over and above the dual-SIM connectivity, Teltonika’s RUT 955 router allows you to connect any IP based Ethernet-capable device to the router and also showcases a built-in GPS, providing you with the ability to track your trucks, busses or taxi’s at any time. With OpenVPN as a standard feature, one can also log into a corporate network, and work away from home, safely.

To top it all off,  conveniently manage, monitor and access your Teltonika routers with Teltonika’s Remote Management System (RMS), from anywhere in the world, using your cellphone app, or any other device with equipped with a browser.


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