Linkra – Quality and simplicity, in one convenient package

With the deregulation of South Africa’s communication sector over the past few years, the local telecom environment is becoming more vibrant, with increased competition between providers offering consumers more options than ever before. Where one incumbent was once the sole provider of all telephony and Internet access, today South African businesses and individuals can choose between a myriad of networks and service providers.

The quality of the service these providers offer depends on the quality of their networks, making their  communications infrastructure a central element to their business success. High quality, reliable products are therefore essential in the building of these networks.

Megasurf is a wireless Internet service provider that offers wireless Internet connectivity in and around various locations around South Africa. The ISP has countrywide long-distance wireless links and high sites, using the Linkra range for its backhauls between main towers, of which it has approximately 90. According to Marius Jackson, CEO of Megasurf Wireless Internet, the company’s network is continually expanding and that the Linkra products plays a major role in order to assure the quality of its network.

Jackson says quality is not negotiable, and that is why this ISP uses the Linkra range of products. “The quality of the product is impressive. We have used Linkra products at a number of critical segments of our network, and are continuing to use them as we expand. Where upgrades need to be done or additional capacity is needed, we are replacing existing infrastructure with high-performance Linkra products,” he says.

Megasurf obtains its Linkra products from Miro, a leading distributor of wireless, networkingVoIP and IP video products. With its best-of-breed product offering, Miro has become the company’s distribution partner of choice.

“Wireless Internet provides a high speed connection from the service provider to the customer’s premises. In order to support many of these high-speed links from a distribution tower or high site, a very fast backhaul is required.  Linkra delivers backhaul speeds of up to 420 Mbps, making it ideal for fixed wireless broadband backhaul.

In order for a wireless network to be effective and offer the quality of service customers demand, we have to use the best products we can in the building and maintaining of our infrastructure. Linkra meet our extremely high quality requirements,” Jackson says.

Ettienne Joubert, Brand Manager at Miro, explains that the Linkra range is an ideal solution for a network like Megasurf’s as its products have been designed to allow operators to quickly and easily increase throughput on existing links as demand grows.  The initial investment on new hardware can be reduced by purchasing a link with 100Mbps capacity which can be upgraded incrementally up to 500Mbps.  Upgrading a link is immediate and simply requires a software key, no hardware changes required.  “This simplification of the network provides our customers with the most advanced technology currently available on the market and not only makes upgrading the network easier, but reduces the cost of investment in the infrastructure at the same time,” says Joubert.

“Even though Miro supplies high-tech products to the ICT sector in Southern Africa, the business remains focused on people.  Delivering Excellent Service to our business partners is core to our business values” says Riandi van Niekerk, Marketing Manager for Miro.

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