The easiest way to build your surveillance network

The easiest way to build your surveillance network

The LigoWave LigoDLBac series is the ideal wireless solution for surveillance applications. Not only are these high-performing units available at the most competitive prices in the industry, but they are also easy to set up and will save you time and money that would normally go towards trenching and laying cable. LigoWave offers a wide array of wireless outdoor solutions for various applications, such as business, public, industrial and traffic surveillance.

LigoWave Wireless Outdoor Solutions for Business Surveillance

The DLBac series from LigoWave is the perfect solution for mission-critical applications where reliability and stability are the top priority. By wirelessly transferring the video surveillance feed in the most efficient manner, it provides a cost-effective platform for actively monitoring and managing business operations while adding an enhanced level of security.

LigoWave Wireless Outdoor Solutions for Public Surveillance

In the public sector, wiring can sometimes be impractical or not an option, due to limitations from the existing infrastructure. The LigoDLBac wireless radio’s offer a simple solution that seamlessly integrates into public areas to support surveillance in schools, hospitals and other state-owned facilities.

LigoWave Wireless Outdoor Solutions for Industrial Surveillance

Industrial environments require a robust video surveillance solution in order to monitor high-risk production operations, safeguard valuable commodities and to ensure employee safety. Industrial environments need surveillance solutions that are built to last, this is why the LigoDLBac series offers reliable IP67-rated wireless outdoor solutions that are backed up by integrated surge protection to ensure the maximum uptime for your solutions.

LigoWave- LigoDLBac Series

Start building a strong, reliable and secure surveillance infrastructure with the LigoDLBac Series!


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