No more long lead times for 8GHz licensed equipment. We’ve got your back!

No more long lead times for 8GHz licensed equipment. We’ve got your back!

Licenced band wireless technology grants you right of way to your own piece of spectrum, eliminating any contending and interference that may arise from another wireless network operating in the same location. We have partnered with the world-renowned licenced band solutions manufacturer, NEC, to make this great technology easily accessible to you. This article is the first of a 4-part series that will take a closer look at the different licensed microwave frequencies that we have available IN STOCK, namely, 8 GHz, 11 GHz, 18 GHz and 23 GHz.

The 8GHz licensed microwave frequency is designed for long-distance links of between 40-70 km making it the ideal solution for connecting communities in rural areas that are currently too far away to make laying fibre a feasible option. Licensed microwave technology is not subject to interference, because of the fact that you own the part of the frequency you are utilising. It provides you with increased reliability and is easier, quicker and more cost-effective to be deployed than fibre, which makes it an ideal alternative for long-distance, reliable connectivity. The 8GHz licensed spectrum experiences minimal signal loss, allowing the signal to go further than some higher frequencies.  In general, ICASA allows for up to 30 MHz of channel bandwidth in the lower 8 GHz that can be used twice, both horizontally and vertically, allowing for increased capacity.

The 8GHz licensed microwave link from NEC provides speeds anywhere between 300 to 600Mbps, depending on the configuration, either 1+0 single polarised, or 2+0, dual polarised. The difference between the two is an additional set of radios, plus a dual polarised dish antenna, that allows you to re-use the same frequency spectrum on an additional polarisation, and effectively doubling your capacity, opening the window for future network growth.

Over and above that, NEC is a field-proven solution that allows for extremely reliable performance sporting an MTBF (mean time between failures) in excess of 90 years, meaning that the radios and modems, on average, will fail only once, every 90 years.

NEC has an excellent reputation across the globe with the biggest of Telecommunication Providers as one of the top licensed microwave equipment suppliers. Partnered with MiRO, we can give you the advice and support required to get your ICASA frequency licence applied for as well as supply you with the expected link performance and immediately deliver the hardware to your doorstep – we keep stock on all 8GHz NEC solutions for your convenience!

With NEC, you can trust that you’ll have a stable licensed link that gives you the performance that you are expecting while making use of licensed spectrum that is yours and yours only, allowing you to make maximum use of your equipment and having the lawful means to raise concerns with ICASA, should someone else try and use your spectrum and cause interference.

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