Introducing the Neutron Series-One wireless solution to rule them all! Don’t miss the FREE EnGenuis Webinar on 23 June

Introducing the Neutron Series-One wireless solution to rule them all! Don’t miss the FREE EnGenuis Webinar on 23 June

Distributed networks can place an enormous burden on in-house personnel or managed service providers seeking to install, configure, manage, monitor and upgrade a potentially vast collection of Switches and Access Points.

Fortunately, EnGenuis has the answer: the Neutron Series Distributed Network Management Solution.

Book your place for the EnGenius Neutron Solution Webinar on 23 June, at our Gauteng branch, and find out how this fully integrated solution offers simplified configuration and management with enterprise-class performance.

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THE Neutron series

The scalable Neutron Series Distributed Network Management Solution enables users to easily deploy and manage a few or 1,000+ Neutron Series APs and controller switches to support 10,000+ concurrent users on an unlimited number of networks distributed across a campus, cities, regions, or even countries, regardless of their size and infrastructure. The Neutron Series provides the flexibility to meet the managed WLAN needs of any size organization. Users can locally manage Neutron Series APs using Neutron Series controller switches – can manage up to 50 APs each, or manage an unlimited number of distributed networks using the ezMaster.

The addition of the free ezMaster software to the comprehensive portfolio of Neutron Series of enterprise-class managed access points (APs) and WLAN controller switches provides users with a highly-flexible, scalable distributed network solution with a low Total Cost of Ownership.

Benefits of the Neutron Series Distributed Network Management Solution

  • Optimized Wireless Performance – Features including background scanning, automated transmit power controls, and channel allocation ensure optimized RF coverage and wireless performance in dense RF environments. In addition to fast roaming to provide seamless client connectivity between APs, the Neutron Series features Band Steering and Band Balancing to maximize network performance for client devices.
  • Centrally-Managed Enterprise-Class WLAN without Fees or Subscriptions – The affordable price point of the Neutron Series products, the free ezMaster Network Management Software, and the fact that the Neutron Series access points are free of subscriptions, licensing and technical support fees reduces CAPEX and OPEX giving the Neutron Series the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) among the competing Tier 1 solutions.
  • Simplified Deployment and Provisioning – The ezMaster software makes it quick and easy to deploy, manage and operate distributed networks, eliminating extensive learning curves with features such as Automated AP provisioning and intuitive configuration tools to help streamline mass AP deployments.
  • Rich Reporting and Analytics –Featuring an easy-to-use web interface, the ezMaster software gives IT managers instant insight into inefficiencies and issues with the networks. Wireless client monitoring and traffic and usage statistics allow potential problems to be pinpointed and addressed before they impact users. Centralized network visibility in areas such as traffic flow, demand, and network topology make it easy to identify network issues across all managed networks.
  • Accessibility without Compromising Security –Neutron Series Wi-Fi Protected Access encryption, 802.1X with RADIUS server, rogue AP detection, email alerts, and real-time wireless invasion monitoring protect the network from attacks. To provide guests access to the network without compromising the security of the network infrastructure, Neutron Series offers Captive Portal and Guest Network capabilities to block access to main corporate computers and create separate Virtual LANs for increased security, network reliability and bandwidth conservation.

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