Introducing the latest fanless switch from MikroTik

Introducing the latest fanless switch from MikroTik

MikroTik’s CR305 is a compact yet very powerful switch, featuring four SFP+ ports, for up to 10 Gbit per port. The device has a 1 Gbit copper Ethernet port for management access and two DC jacks for power redundancy. The CR305 comes in a very sleek and compact metallic case without any fans, for silent operation.

The device has a “Dual boot” feature that allows you to choose between two operating systems – RouterOS or SwOS. If you prefer to have a simplified operating system with only switch specific features, use SwOS. If you would like the ability to use routing and other Layer 3 features in your CRS, use RouterOS. You can select the desired operating system from RouterOS, from SwOS or from the RouterBOOT loader settings. All these features come with a disruptive price, providing the best price performance ratio on the market.

The CR305 is a low-density switch with very good switching capacity. This switch can deliver full duplex capacity across the 4 SFP+ ports, where most other switches will not be able to deliver full duplex speeds across all ports at the same time.

What makes the new MikroTik CRS305 stand out from the crowd?

  • Dual DC jack for redundancy and PoE
  • Passive cooling for silent operation and less chance of failure
  • Dual boot – Choose between RouterOS or SwOS
  • Delivers a 80Gbps switching capacity at a disruptive price.

The CRS305 is robust and can be used at high sites, high capacity hops and where active fibre needs to be extended.


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