Introducing Capsule: The Perfect Companion For Your Milestone Surveillance Solution

Introducing Capsule: The Perfect Companion For Your Milestone Surveillance Solution

Capsule is a server solution that makes use of a Hyperconverged Infrastructure, High-Density Digital Storage and CAPS-OS™ Software for optimized video surveillance storage and management, perfectly suitable for a Milestone VMS hardware platform.


More about Capsule:

Capsule Technologies is bringing next generation storage and server virtualization concepts to an industry which is challenged by exploding requirements and saddled with antique IT options. Here are some of the ways Capsule will help you future-proof your Video Surveillance storage and management:


Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Capsule technologies is the only company that offers an Hypervisor (a virtual machine monitor that runs other virtual machines) optimized for the challenges of Video Surveillance, eliminating the traditional congestion on the “virtual” I/O devices (Network and Storage).


HighDensity Digital Storage

Capsule Technologies offers a unique method to secure and make the most of the hard drives with no performance degradation for the Video Surveillance needs.


CAPS-OS™ Software

Capsule Technologies developed CAPS-OS™ (Computer Aided Protection & Surveillance Operating System), a unique bundle of software and firmware running exclusively on Capsule Technologies Hardware. But if you’ve already purchased a VMS package from Milestone, DRPack is offering an iSCSI layer 100% compatible with Milestone.


7 reasons why you should choose Capsule:

  • Capsule has completed the Milestone Solution Certification
  • Proudly South African and SADC Certified
  • Local support for presales and technical
  • 3 Year NDB Warranty
  • Readily available local components
  • Great price tag!
  • Unrivaled performance per Rand




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