IgniteNet’s Metrolinq Omni provides cost-effective fibre-like connections for multiple users

IgniteNet’s Metrolinq Omni provides cost-effective fibre-like connections for multiple users

IgniteNet’s MetroLinq™ 10G Tri-Band Omni is the world’s first cost-effective 60 GHz + 5 GHz + 2.4 GHz point-to-multipoint (PTMP) base station. Enabling high-performance, interference-free connections up to 10 Gbps, the Omni is the first access point (AP capable of providing fibre-similar connections to a number of clients simultaneously.

Ted de Boer, product manager for the IgniteNet range at local distributors MiRO, says that the Omni has three 120° 60 GHz beamforming sectors. “This means that the licence-free device can enable high-quality connections to form backhaul rings, and also allows connection to high-capacity 60 GHz fixed wireless broadband clients. Furthermore, the built-in 5 GHz radio, with 360° coverage, can be used either as a failover for 60 GHz clients, for last-mile 5 GHz fixed wireless broadband clients or for hotspot access by nearby Wi-Fi clients. The 2.4 GHz radio is ideal for general access or as a hotspot device.”

Any interference is mitigated by the fact that the range of the devices is limited to 1 km. A number of devices, installed on lampposts can be connected together at intervals of approximately 150 m.

De Boer says that one of the company’s clients is currently using the IgniteNet Omni as a micro POP (Point of Presence), with all the company’s buildings, situated within a 1 km range, using CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) to wirelessly connect the customer to the nearby fibre backhaul. “The Omni is ideal for connecting multiple buildings that do not have direct access to fibre but need to leverage the Gigabit connection speeds associated with fibre. Since there are no infrastructure costs involved, deployment is extremely affordable.”

The unlimited number of multiple client connections can all be managed from a cloud controller, hosted by IgniteNet, on last mile backhaul to the POP and to the CPE as well as to access point within a house. No servers are required and no electricity costs are incurred.

A highly attractive feature for home users is the Family Zone add-on which provides customers with access to high-end cyber safety technology. In essence, parents can implement safety and security for the devices used within the home. Family Zone allows users to set up content filtering profiles based on the age and other attributes of users. Blocked users will be unable to access objectionable websites based on three policy categories: Relaxed, Medium and Strict. When a user attempts to access a blocked domain, the managing user will be notified via email.

“Not only does the Omni provide users with access to fibre-like connectivity speeds at an attractive price, but features like the Family Zone provide service providers with a possible additional revenue stream. This is a real win-win situation for all parties,” says De Boer.

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