Why the IgniteNet MetroLinq 60 LW is the most versatile Tri-band CPE yet.

Why the IgniteNet MetroLinq 60 LW is the most versatile Tri-band CPE yet.

MiRO is excited to introduce you to the cost-effective, high capacity 60 GHz PtP/PtMP radio.  This stand-alone/ cloud-enabled, outdoor wireless link meets its promise in providing a high-performance and interference-free connection in a license exempt band. The versatile MetroLinq 60 GHz LW CPE has many other benefits and features that we would like to share with you!


The game-changing benefits and features of the MetroLinq 60 LW


With a 60 GHz range of up to 150 m to another 60 LW, and up to 700 m to larger CPE’s, as well as built-in 5 GHz failover, it can provide reliable high throughput in the harshest conditions.

MetroLinq 60 GHz LW has the added advantage of being license-free and available on the uncongested 60 GHz band. This allows for ultra-fast deployment, no interference and eliminates the cost of acquiring a spectrum license.

The MetroLinq 60 LW also includes a third 2.4 GHz radio which can be configured as a multi-tenant AP for applications ranging from hotspots to maintenance, and many more.

Not only can the device function as a CPE, but also as a compact base station, with up to 16 individual CPE’s connected to it at a staggering throughput of 1 Gbps combined.

The MetroLinq 60 GHz LW operates as either a stand-alone radio link or as a coordinated, cloud-managed link; this easily meets the requirements of any installation.

Power and connectivity options include gigabit Ethernet, SFP, PoE and DC power. Deploying fibre-like wireless has never been so easy and cost-effective!


The MetroLinq 60 GHz LW is typically used for:


› Fixed Wireless Access (broadband)

› 3G/4G Backhaul

› Metro WiFi

› Campus Interconnection

› Hybrid Fibre/Wireless Networks


For more information on the MetroLinq 60 LW, click here!

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