Harness the Power of Coax into Gigabit Ethernet with a single device

Harness the Power of Coax into Gigabit Ethernet with a single device

IgniteNet’s GLinq is a powerful Ethernet over coax converter that allows service providers to deliver gigabit speeds through existing or new coax cabling infrastructure.

GLinq is available in two different models – an indoor and an outdoor version. IgniteNet’s GLinq converter is the ideal solution for providing bandwidth to buildings with outdoor coax as well as delivering gigabit speeds within buildings by using existing coax cabling infrastructure while integrating it with 2.4GHz access points. The access points can be powered via DC input, either with a DC jack or screw terminals and are able to power up other GLink devices via the coax link. This eliminates the need for a separate electrical circuit to be run in remote places such as rooftops.

Furthermore, both the indoor or outdoor unit can function as a Master device, and have up to 15 slave devices connected to it for sharing the gigabit connectivity throughout the entire building. Splitting to multiple endpoints can easily be done by using an active coax splitter that allows for DC pass-through, and supports 5-200 MHz spectrum.

IgniteNet’s single GLinq device offers many applications including:

  • MDU applications

Use existing coax infrastructure to serve high-speed internet in a multi-tenant building at the same time, solving rooftop wireless backhaul powering issues.

  • Relay applications

Connect multiple locations with 1+ Gbps speeds at the same time ensuring power and redundancy for the centre.

  • Tower applications

Use coax for power and data transmission saving money and allowing 100+ meter distance comparing to standard Ethernet.

  • Video surveillance applications

Re-use old coax infrastructure to migrate from analogue to IP cameras and at the same time avoiding wireless and saving spectrum for other applications.


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