IgniteNet announces the GLinq – a Smart Gigabit over coax system

IgniteNet announces the GLinq – a Smart Gigabit over coax system

IgniteNet is pleased to announce today the world’s first smart Gigabit over coax system – the GLinq. The IgniteNet GLinq is a powerful Ethernet over coax converter that enables service providers to deliver gigabit speeds via existing and new coax cabling infrastructure.

Irvine, Calif. (prweb) September 28, 2018

The GLinq system is ideal for both providing bandwidth to buildings with outdoor coax as well as delivering gigabit speeds within buildings using existing coax cabling infrastructure. Operators can already easily deliver gigabit speeds to buildings wirelessly using IgniteNet’s 60GHz MetroLinq products – now they can also easily share that delivered capacity throughout the whole building. The unique GLinq + MetroLinq combination provides a clean, simple, fast installation of gigabit connections.

The product is available in two different versions: indoor and outdoor making it ideal for multiple applications and use cases. Both the indoor and the outdoor models have an integrated 2.4GHz radio which can provide Wi-Fi connectivity as well as easy setup and management using the same device. Up to 15 GLinq clients can be connected to each GLinq master device (software configurable) for sharing gigabit connectivity throughout the building using standard coaxial splitters.

The GLinq also includes a DC jack and/or DC terminal block which allow each client to provide reverse power through the coax system and can be used to power the remote rooftop converter(s) and backhaul using the same coax system for both data and power. This eliminates the need for a separate power circuit to be run to the rooftop to power the system.

“The introduction of GLinq complements our broadband access product portfolio allowing our customers to extend the multiple Gbps of traffic delivered using 60GHz MetroLinq bridges to customers over existing coax cable infrastructure without any additional wiring. This device also simplifies the rooftop powering issues and works as an access point providing Wi-Fi connectivity. In addition, the GLinq features our low-cost cloud-based management functionality – the same as the rest of our connectivity products which greatly simplify provisioning, management, and ongoing maintenance.” – says Harold Bledsoe, President of IgniteNet.

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