Identify security threats from a distance with Uniview’s 44x zoom PTZ

Identify security threats from a distance with Uniview’s 44x zoom PTZ

Uniview is constantly pushing the boundaries of surveillance technology and their latest 2MP, 44X optical zoom, Starlight illumination speed dome camera (the IPC6852SR-X44U) with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) is a perfect example of the technological advancements and enhancements that Uniview has to offer.


Key features of the IPC6852SR-X44U include:


Accurate and fast focusing 44x optical zoom

Basically, the higher the camera is mounted, combined with the maximum optical zoom, the further you’re able to see with your camera. Also, the higher you mount your camera the higher the optical zoom needs to be. The image below was captured from 500m away with an IPC6852SR-X44U speed dome camera mounted 2.8m above the ground level. Can your camera do this?




Optical Defog and snow-removing functionality

Uniview’s defog feature accurately reproduces all the finer details that get obscured by fog and its innovative snow-removing features  provide you with the best possible footage under the worst kind of weather conditions



5th Gen IR Technology

The supports the latest IR technology so that you can see further in the dark, with more than 250m IR distance!


EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)

Outdoor cameras are constantly vulnerable to strong winds and vibrations from things like passing traffic that could shake the camera and impair the footage quality. This is where electronic image stabilization comes in: even when the camera itself is shaking like a bobble-head figurine the camera footage will be smooth and usable.


Starlight illumination

Uniview’s 1080P starlight cameras provide clear colour footage even under 0.002 Lux (F1.2) low light conditions.



Other amazing features include:

  • Optical glass window with higher light transmittance
  • IR anti-reflection window to increase the infrared transmittance
  • Smart IR
  • Up to 120 dB Optical WDR(Wide Dynamic Range)
  • Compression H.265, H.264, MJPEG
  • Triple streams
  • 1080P@60fps supported
  • ONVIF Conformance
  • More effective heat dissipation system
  • Intelligent temperature control technology
  • 6 KV surge protection designed for network interface




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