How to setup bandwidth limitation by using a MikroTik Router Board

How to limit the bandwidth of each user by using MikroTik

For corporate companies and Hotspot installers, internet bandwidth is one of the most important aspect in the industry. Bandwidth is also very expensive and need to be prioritized carefully so that everyone can access the internet equally within the company network . When Internet bandwidth is not limited or prioritized, then one user will be able to use the maximum amount of bandwidth and the rest of the users connected will receive slow internet speed. Bandwidth can be limited so that each user can have an equal amount of bandwidth to prevent complications in internet speed. MikroTik is very famous because of their bandwidth limitation feature and all the other fantastic features they provide.CaptureTo setup the bandwidth limitation you will need Winbox software to access the device and configure the device. You can download the Winbox software at

To configure the bandwidth limitation, open the Winbox software and click on the below picture to follow the steps,

Mikrotik - How to Setup Queues



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    love to know how i manage a dhcp environment Accesspoint which is in a camp with many people where we use mikhmon to produce vouchers to distribute internet.where and how i configure band width distribution.i think you know i cant go for each ip and all poosible ways to manage it.

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