How to setup 3G PPPOE connection on MikroTik

How do I setup a 3G connection on my MikroTik?

Step 1 : Make sure you connect your 3G USB dongle or simcard with the 3G wireless card module to the Router board, then click on Interfaces, then you will see the PPP connection. Now we need to configure the PPP connection. Double click on PPP interface.





















Step 2 : Change the APN to “internet”. Under pin, Insert your pin of your simcard, then change the data channel to 3 and info channel to 2 and press apply and OK. The data and info channels are different depending on the network you are using so you can always change the data and info channels for the device to connect properly.






















Step 3 : Go to the PPP tab and next to Phone, type the dial command “*99#”, some installers use different dial commands depending on the network. Un tick the Dial on demand tick box and apply the settings and press OK.

















Step 4 : Go to IP>DNS and click on DNS



















Step 5 : Under the static tab, press settings and tick allow remote requests. Apply the settings and click on OK.

















Step 6 : Go to IP > Firewall, then click on the NAT tab, and click on the red plus button to add a new rule.

























Step 7 : Under the General tab, click on the drop down list next to Chain, and select “srcnat”, then go to the Action tab.
























Step 8 : Click on the dropdown list next to Action and select masquerade. Press apply to apply the settings and press OK.
























Step 9 : Now you should be able to see your masquerade rule as shown on the below picture.





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