How do I upgrade the firmware on the Edimax 3G‐6200N Router ?

How do I upgrade the firmware on the Edimax 3G6200N Router ?

Note : Not all modems are supported by the current firmware, that’s why you need to check Edimax website every now and then to check if there’s a new firmware.

How to get the new firmware:
You can get the firmware from Edimax website under the support section or you can contact our technical support ( and ask for the last beta version. When you have the firmware you will get a zip file that you need to extract. In the zip file you will find a file called 3G6200N_EdimaxOBM_X.XX.bin (or similar). The BIN file is the file we need for the upgrade. After you have saved the BIN file you need to open the web page from the router, by default this is

After you open this page you need to login with the username “admin” and with the password “1234“. If you have changed the password before you need use the new password and click on OK. snkoo
On the first page of the router you can see the current firmware version. Click on the version to go to the upgrade page.

Click on the “Browse” button to select the BIN file you saved earlier.
Select the BIN file and click on “Open”


You will see that the text field next to the browse button is no longer empty. Now you can click on the “Apply” button to start the upgrade.
After you clicked on Apply you will get this popup. To proceed with the upgrade you need to click on the “OK” button.

After this you will get another popup, that is a warning, please read the message and click on “OK”.
You will see a bar on the webpage that shows the progress of the update. Please wait until the bar reaches 100%.
After the bar reaches 100% you will see this message.
The router has the new firmware but in order to activate all the settings we need to reset the router back to factory defaults.
To do this you need to click in the menu on the button “Tools”.
Select the option “Configuration Tools” and then click on the button “Next”.
nextClick on the button “Reset” to restart the router with all factory settings.
Click on “OK” to restart the router.
When you see this message you need to wait for 20-30 seconds before you click on the “OK” button. If you click earlier it is possible that the webpage cannot be displayed because the router is still starting.
Click on the refresh button to check if the firmware was updated. Congratulations, you have successfully upgraded the firmware.

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