How do I Hard Reset a MikroTik Router board?

Are you having trouble resetting your MikroTik Router board?

Some MikroTik Router boards have a reset button that many clients use to reset their MikroTik Router boards but with some MikroTik Router boards, that small reset button is not to reset the device but to get the device in a flashing mode. When the device is in flashing mode, the device is waiting for Netinstall software to run but you do not want to upgrade the device, you want to reset the device.

On most MikroTik Router boards you will find a small hole with 2 copper half-moon figures looking at each other, just like the picture below,


If you want to hard reset the device without upgrading the device software, then insert a pen into the hole while the power is disconnected. While holding the pen into the hole, power on the device and wait for around 30 seconds, then release the pen from the hole and power cycle the board.

After power cycling the board, the device will be restored to default.


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