HeroTel partners with MiRO and BDCOM to connect Dudfield

HeroTel partners with MiRO and BDCOM to connect Dudfield

HeroTel recently took on the project of rolling out 100Mbps Fibre in the small village of Dudfield, connecting 49 homes to the world. In order to ensure the success of this project, HeroTel partnered with MiRO as a reliable provider that can offer them cost-effective, high-performance solutions and strong support to match the task.

MiRO recommended their exclusive fibre-to-the-home brand, BDCOM, for the Dudflied project. BDCOM comes with an excellent track record in reliability and performance backed by MiRO’s local knowledge base, training and support. Together with MiRO and BDCOM, HeroTel delivered a commercially viable solution to supply fibre to 49 homes in Dudfield, meeting all requirements and delivering 100Mbps broadband connectivity effortlessly.

Click here to read more about how HeroTel were able to create new opportunities and contribute to the upliftment of the remote Dudfield village.

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